Living here in Australia, hitting home recently is the devastating fires that has forced so many people and animals to flee their homes.  The trauma that they have faced, near death, loss and returning to devastation has ignited a beautiful and strong community that is working together to make tomorrow a beautiful day. Now with the Covid 19 layering on top…  Compassion for ourselves and others needs to take a gigantic leap.  Together lets work with this uncertainty by being more compassionate. 

5 Simple ways to integrate being compassionate into your day.

1. Give a real heartfelt smile to someone during the day.  

2.  Take a moment to go out of your way to help someone unexpectedly.  The genuine help for others sparks positivity in the body.  

3. Shift your focus for a moment and remind yourself about what you love or like about other people in your life.  Yes, your colleague is hard to get to focus however hilarious and lighthearted at the same time (a breath of fresh air in the healthcare setting) or your challenging client that refuses to get out of bed and challenges the way you are thinking and makes you creative and present in the moment to problem-solve (what are they going through in this moment and how do we make it meaningful).

4.  Dedicate a day to be good to the earth, the place where we live, breathe and play.  Take moments to take in mother nature and make conscious efforts to work to a neutral carbon foot print (bring you keep cup for your coffee or tea, walk or ride your bike to work, make sure lights are turned off, place a small succulent plant at your work place or home (benefits of having nature and oxygen making plants near us gives the immune system a boost)…

5.  Remind yourself why you became a practitioner.