It’s almost a new year!
“We had no idea we were creating memories, we thought we were just having fun…”

As we get ready to enter a new year there are loads of things that need to be done, gatherings to attend during the holidays, work functions and school plays. We are all doing, doing, and going, going, going… But this is also the time of year to sit back and be. Take a breath, gaze at the fire, surround yourself with hygge and when in a crowded room with loved ones stop and take it all in. Maybe it is just three breaths but take in the moment, see it, feel it, hear it, use all of your senses. Set an intention for this year… Can you find the balance between doing and being…

  • Learn something new for work

  • Take that breath, slow down maybe try two weeks of meditation

  • Join a local or online community based in growing your education and furthering your career

  • Try a new activity, challenge your motor cortex and complete something you have yet to try

  • Sip a cup of coffee or hot tea and watch the sun rise or set, be in that moment

  • Relearn something you have done in the past brushing the cobwebs off those motor neurons

  • Travel someplace new, exploring stimulates the senses and the mind, body and spirit

  • Find one thing a day that is different and healthy for your body’s nutrition

  • Try a retreat, you are worth it and now is the time…