Fun with Food Registration

Learn new things while rejuvenating and pampering yourself and return to work invigorated with a new network of colleagues working in the same specialty area from across the nation!

Come learn and live life with us!

Private Room Main Lodge

~ $1895

This is for a private room in the main Overlake Lodge.  

Private Cabin

~ $2595

Additional person ~ $1395

Private cabin on the property.  Number of rooms and beds vary upon the cabin.  Option to come a day earlier for R&R (included). 

Shared Room in Main Lodge

~ $1595

Shared room in the main Overlake Lodge. 

Place your $500 deposit today!  When booking together the deposit must be completed in the same day (unless it is an additional person for a private cabin) and written on the room request form.  Please fill out the quick room request form which will appear on your screen upon deposit so we align you with the appropriate accommodations.   We will follow up with you personally with payment plan options.  All retreats do have to be paid in full prior to retreat dates.  Deposit is non-refundable and with placing your deposit you agree to the terms and conditions.

Reserve your spot with $500 deposit today!