Boutique Learning Experience is aimed at creating a forward thinking community of therapists dedicated to making a positive imprint on the world. We find the strength in the tribe to motivate each other when we need a little push, problem-solve when things get challenging, learn from the children and families with whom we work, think outside the box, remind each other to take the time for ourselves and bring back life balance even if it is just a little at a time. Occupational therapists are described by Fleming “therapists with a three track mind” (Clinical Reasoning; Form of Inquiry in a Therapeutic Practice, 1994, p. 119). This is due to the following three areas of reasoning:
-procedural reasoning (physical and mental conditions, symptoms and functional consequences on their occupation),
-interactive reasoning (encounters with clients as social beings, considering subjective illnesses and wellness experience)
-conditional reasoning (impact of context, environment, timing, life stage, past, present and future) mindset.
Addressing a global view of the person, place and experience we believe that occupation provides meaning in peoples lives. The core motivation is in the meaning. As we move forward into this new year lets take a moment and reflect on what is meaningful to you and how you can help others find their own as well… Every smile, every step forward, every lesson learned from a misstep or set back, let us take a moment, take a breath and see the imprint we are making on the world one fingerprint at a time. What can you do for yourself this year to find your balance?