“the word LISTEN contains the same letters as the word SILENT”
-Alfred Brendel

Each yoga move is based on a physical and physiological practice. Your challenge today is the ability to sit still and breath. Pranayama ~ the regulation of breath through techniques and exercise. Sitting provides deep pressure and proprioceptive input to the sit bones (ischial tuberosity) and holding a neutral spine in the position takes more thought at attention than we think. Throughout the day gravity and other cultural and habitual patterns (looking down at a cell phone or computer) and everyday tasks challenge the neutral spine and how it optimally supports the body for function. Neutral spine supports flow of energy and neural transmission to all areas of the body. It attaches the ribs which protect the lungs and heart, a life line for your body, minor adjustment restricting the use of volume of air in the lungs can directly impact the body function and movement. Proximal stability (core strength and postural control) supports distal skill (hands, mouth and feet).  

Line it up– common adjustments from todays societal norms: your back has a natural curve, when sit bones are grounded low back has a slight reverse “c” curve which can be modified by tipping the pelvis forward or back; slight forward curve in the thoracic spine (behind the ribs), watch for the front of the ribs flairing forward, gentle reminder to pull these down which opens up the back ribs; and pulling the chin back and parallel to the ground bringing the cervical spin (neck) into alignment (we tend to spend too much time looking forward and down at our devises and computers).

Now take 5 breaths, maybe ten.  This is where we are starting out this year on our journey.  Take it in.  Breathe…